Sign the Petition to leave UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Alone!

Radical Left-wing vandals at the University of Virginia covered a statue of Thomas Jefferson with black bags and added signs calling our nation's 3rd President a racist and a rapist.

Worse, the University just allowed these radicals to cover Thomas Jefferson's statue without any push back. 

The perpetrators of this dreadful act have a public list of demands calling Thomas Jefferson “an emblem of white supremacy” and demanding that the University of Virginia further indoctrinate students with left-wing ideology.

Sign the petition to leave UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Alone!


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    Sign the petition: Keep UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue!
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    Leave ALL our historical statues alone.
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    Praise the Lord Jesus!! I’m really glad to be involved.

    ~Where is the “true” peace!.. It seems the Liberal Left not so much “liberal” nor “tolerant”.
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    I think it is just awful that the left is wiping out white history. They covered Jefferson’s statue with a tarp, put a black lives matter around the front, wrote f____ white supremacist and rapist at the bottom. I spoke at the Chesapeake Republican Party meeting about this and some of the other monuments being vandalized/removed and asked them to contact the president of UVA and the Portsmouth, VA white mayor, John Rowe, who wants a confederate soldier monument downtown Portsmouth moved to a cemetery. I told them the only thing that needed moving was him out of office. I spoke before the Portsmouth City Council also about the monument. I hope people reading this will contact the clergy at Christ Church in Alexandria Virginia to not remove George Washington’s and Robert E. Lee’s monuments from the front of the church. That is where they worshiped.
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    Sign the petition: Keep UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue!
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    President Jefferson was a racist and rapist, but that’s not the point. He established the University of Virginia. He is its founder. It makes no sense to remove his statue from his University. He also promoted public education as necessary for a democracy and donated his personal collection of books to the LoC to promote public libraries. This is different from Baton Rouge. President Jefferson’s statue is part of a true story, the USA’s real history; not a revision of it.
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    Keep history leave our monuments in place
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    Its a historical landmark and he is the founder of UVA why would you wanna tear it down? might as well close the school down while you’re at it how immature and absurd! we need to end the liberals.
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    We need to teach our history to these ignorant people , Not destroy our history because of there ignorance. That would make us all ignorant…
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    Please include me in your practical duties to make America Great Again.
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    VOTE to STOP the alcoholic Republican Racist Thugs in 2018.

    Legalize Federal Marijuana – STOP Fucking Us.

    God bless America, God bless Liberty.
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