Sign the Petition to leave UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Alone!

Radical Left-wing vandals at the University of Virginia covered a statue of Thomas Jefferson with black bags and added signs calling our nation's 3rd President a racist and a rapist.

Worse, the University just allowed these radicals to cover Thomas Jefferson's statue without any push back. 

The perpetrators of this dreadful act have a public list of demands calling Thomas Jefferson “an emblem of white supremacy” and demanding that the University of Virginia further indoctrinate students with left-wing ideology.

Sign the petition to leave UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Alone!


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  • signed 2017-09-14 18:00:23 -0400
    Time for the madness to stop. I have been posting this everyday. On several sites. Please call the mayor of Richmond VA 1-804-646-7970 or email Google Richmond VA mayor’s office ask the mayor click on email the mayor tell him to leave moment Ave alone all calls and emails count help save our history and heritage. You don’t have to be from Richmond to call or email
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    Leave our statues alone!
  • signed 2017-09-14 17:51:11 -0400
    Clayton Terretta
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    Tenano Markham